2023 Angels on Queensbury Square

God’s Messengers

This page has been set up to help enhance an Angel installation in the Salvation Army windows on Queensbury Square.


Our artwork aims to help restore the relationship between people and God.


Create a piece of visual art to inspire discussions.

We are using Angels because many people are interested in them, and their role as messengers of God are particularly relevant at Christmas.

This provides people with ways to respond such as talking with the artists, writing messages, and later giving thanks for answers to messages. – and of course the encouragement to pray!


We have crafted a “Host of Angels” to fit into the top spaces of the windows. This compliments the usual display of a lit up nativity scene.

The depiction of angels focuses on traditional Victorian depictions of angels (not the wee cherubs though). As it is a host of Angels there is variation within the theme. It is made from Card, acetate, and is inspired by stained glass.

There is a “Do not be afraid” “Expect a reply” “Hope” messages on window.

Inside there is a “Herald Mail” A box and outside there is a QR code linking to a website where people can “post” their messages to God. Messages in this box will be kept confidentially – read by God, but not replied to by us. This will display an encouragement for people to look for their answers in daily life. At the end of the artwork this will be emphasised, perhaps replaced with a “Thankfulness Box”.

You can have a go yourself by following this link: Send a message

A host of angels at the top of each shop window.

The building is open Thursdays 11-3 (making with people) and Saturdays 12-3 (drop in discussions?)

The QR code on this image will take you to a test online equivalent to writing something and putting it in a box

Participate online by clicking this link!

Angel resources

These are just here in case anyone likes thinking around the topic. Want to chat about anything further? Let (Simon) know and we can grab a coffee.

Angels in the Christmas story in Video clips (full playlist here (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDA255C9F898135C7)

An Angels worksheet:


Getting deeper…

From a tradition comfortable with talking to Angels (I think they wouldn’t suggest worshipping them or being distracted from God by them)

A magazine (from an American Episcopal Church) you can read online with various articles about Angels.

Even deeper into the research.

An Anglican perspective

Some orthodox theology (lots of references and some discussion)


and from another tradition