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Happy Easter!

Have you decorated any eggs this year? With supermarkets and global supply chains it is easy to forget that for thousands of years eggs were only available when the sun returned and daylight hours lengthened. As well as looking like the stone which could be rolled away from the tomb for Jesus to walk out, […]

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If you are truly searching for reality, do you need to tear down the structures that frame reality? To find the house of God does the curtain need to rip, and the temple be destroyed, so that it can be rebuilt three days later? Strong language, but perhaps art can provide the means to to […]

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Easter Sunday

As the culmination of our Lent journey we invite you to join us to cook fish by the water, and meet the risen Christ. This is the start of a journey as well as the end of one. We have chosen this place to meet partly because of the connection some of the group have […]

Forest Church

Tree Trail

As Quartz Forest Church we are spending a year exploring the Chrichton Estate in Dumfries. For many of us, even though we live in Dumfries, the grounds around the university are not a familiar place. We started in autumn, and are seeing signs of spring now. We have also been meeting some of the other […]

Fresh Expressions Lent 2022

Where to next?

In the Quartz lent group we have been thinking about the wilderness and testing our experiences. Where are you on this diagram though? Or perhaps more importantly, where would you like to be ? As we near the end of our lenten journey it is time to consider where we are going next.

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Labyrinth craft

Here is a handy wee craft activity. How to make a finger labyrinth We have been making large scale versions using rope for a good few years now. We also have a pottery table top version Alison brought back from Spain. Hopefully, this summer, we will be able to use this to provide people […]