Forest Church

We are running some “Forest Church” type events. These take place once a month. At these we explore being and meeting as church in interdependence with our environment – Outside of the building. This is a development of the “Sensing Spirituality” walks we have already done.

Christian Life Community

A group looking at meeting every second Monday to help each other explore Ignation Spirituality, and develop their relationship with God.

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This is a way of being and an ongoing project. Throughout Quartz Activities we encourage people to use their five physical senses to become more aware of all the other sensations humans experience which make us more than flesh and bones. #SensingSpirituality activities include going for walks and taking time out to reflect on what we find.

This is part of the practice of learning to sense God, active in creating and revealing the potential of being through creation itself. We enjoy walking with everyone who is seeking things like a sense of Otherness, Meaningfulness, and a changed sense of Awareness. It provides us with opportunities to challenge our preconceptions, test our values and confront the deeper mysteries of life.

The Floating Monastery

The Floating Monastery
Adrift in time, rooted in History

Since 2017 there have been reported sightings of a time traveling Cyberculdee, a C13th Noblewoman, and various other historical figures who have become temporally displaced. If you are interested in using performing arts, crafts and a bit of sci fi and re-enactment to explore #SensingSpirituality perhaps this is for you!


One of the main Floating Monastery activities is telling stories. Usually live, in fields or anywhere else the Monastery incarnates. Most recently in the Riverside Tap pub. Some of the stories told by Cathbad and the people he has collected on his travels are also available on the Floating Monastery YouTube channel.

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During Lockdown 2021 a glimpse inside the workings was provided with live video feeds three times a week. Cathbad told a Viking story, a story of saints, and gave an introduction to a craft. You can find a record of these videos in the floating monastery on YouTube

Mindful Crafting

When young people around the world led the way by striking on Fridays to raise awareness of climate change, The Floating Monastery joined them. Rather than striking though, it collected artists to do a “Work In – Public”.

We took our the Mindful crafting outdoors and listened.

You can watch examples of these crafts on the Wordsmithcrafts YouTube channel.


If you are interested in these sorts of things, and would like to become more involved please keep in touch.

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