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The Year Ahead

The summer in Scotland is nearing harvest and autumn. I can see apples ripening on the trees outside my window, and that always reminds me that I need to plan ahead if I want to be able to do more than clear them from my drive into compost! There has been a lot of reflection […]

Thought of the Day

Solo Pioneers?

Enterprise is a buzz word going around. School pupils today are being trained for jobs that don’t exist yet. Traditional economic models are crumbling as we reap the hidden costs of industrialisation, and it’s collapse. But what does it take to get a new enterprise going? Many won’t survive, but some will. Legend tells that […]

Creative Worship


With “The Eve of the Living Dead” we combined “All souls Eve” with retro film titles, Marigolds, and South American traditions. We made the tissue paper marigold in cafes around Dumfries, chatting with anyone who was interested, and using this as a discussion point to talk about life and death – as well as how […]

Forest Church Thought of the Day


We can’t control time, but we can change our awareness of it.

Arts Fresh Expressions Thought of the Day

Finding the Depth

Humans are deeply spiritual animals. For centuries in Scotland this has been explored and expressed through the Church. In the last century however this has changed. At one time the Church provided political authority, social services, education, healthcare, and the opportunity to experience the best of the arts. A church was the place to go […]