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At the CLC meeting last night we watched “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” as a group. We had a short chat about the experience afterwards, but there was a lot to take in. Themes of #SensingChallenge and wealth vs poverty were particularly relevant to the season of Lent we are in. The emphasis on meeting God […]

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Here is a video made by Simon as part of his chaplaincy work with Dumfries High School. It was used during mental health week, with an introduction linking the advice given by Jesus to reflect on what is important, and the way in which our social media feed can drag our attention down unhealthy paths. […]

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Forest church No.2

Here are some photos from today’s Forest Church meeting. More photos and a write up to follow.

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Homo laudans

It has often been said that people have a God shaped hole they need to fill. The Gospel is then presented as good news, that the hole can be filled. It is, of course, true that like the father in the story of the prodigal son, God rushes from the house to meet us in […]

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Dust to Dust or Light to Light?

What is your relationship with your environment? Or perhaps a better place to start is to reflect on how you perceive your relationship with all that is around and within you. Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by the absence of the things we hope for. It can seem like a struggle to animate lifeless dust, […]

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Micro Management

Do you make God in your image, or allow yourself to be made in the image of God? Mowing lawns may seem far off from the worship of idols. However, people put a lot of effort into maintaining standards. Even now many seek the return to normality and call the privileged consumption culture we live […]

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Tuesday the 16th – Climate Change.

Today is the day (16th of March) The Eco Congregation Scotland network are running a series of events to help you think about things you can do in response to climate change. Especially since representatives of the current ‘winners’ in the status quo are gathering in Glasgow this year. You may wish to sign up […]

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Creative Worship

This video was made in 2017. It shows a range of things which have been carried out in partnership with St Johns church in Dumfries which involve visual arts. What will you be inspired to seek out where you are?

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Beauty is both ordinary, understandable, here – and wonderful, incomprehensible, beyond. What moments make you? Take time out to notice good things. #Febreflection #SensingSpirituality

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The classroom of creation

The following quote comes from a translation of the life of St Mungo as told by Jocelin of Furness early in the 12th Century. The robin in the story is the one on the coat of arms of Glasgow, and its story is well known. What is perhaps less well known is this discussion about […]