#SensingMeaningfulness Easter2024 Forest Church

Easter Sunday 2024

Fish on coals by the water Inspired by the story of Jesus meeting his disciples on the beach we meet up by the river and eat together on Easter Sunday. We practice #SensingMeaningfulness and reflect on the experiences of Lent leading to Easter Sunday. We started by simply walking out along the river bank after […]

#SensingSpirituality Easter2024 Forest Church pilgrimage

Easter 2024 Mini-pilgrimage

This Easter Quartz explored the spiritual landscape near St Johns. Seven of us, and a dog, from within St Johns and the wider community visited Lincluden Abbey, and the 12 Apostles stone circle. The day was set up to allow people to drop in for activities and to travel by car, or on foot. Some […]

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Where do you find value and joy in life? Christians sometimes talk of being “born again” or “Metanoia” moments. The examples used of this are often ones where a persons life is caught up in extreme behaviour. It was, however, when someone so concerned about preserving his good reputation that he chose to visit Jesus […]

#SensingSpirituality climate change Forest Church

Land Art

ANDY GOLDSWORTHY is one of the pioneers of land art. Galloway was his playground for a while, but you will have to search out the tracks of his influence. The story is told that when he first explored making art in this way he was told to take photos of it, otherwise how could he […]

#SensingSpirituality Creative Worship Easter2024 Forest Church

Easter 2024

Quartz Holy Saturday Pilgrimage and Easter Sunday Forest Church BBQ (30th and 31st of March) Holy Saturday On Saturday the 30th we are planning a pilgrimage. We will gather outside St Johns building and then travel to Lincluden Abbey. After a pause for reflection there we will continue on, and thousands of years back in […]

#SensingSpirituality creation Forest Church


At the CLC meeting last night we watched “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” as a group. We had a short chat about the experience afterwards, but there was a lot to take in. Themes of #SensingChallenge and wealth vs poverty were particularly relevant to the season of Lent we are in. The emphasis on meeting God […]

#SensingSpirituality Angel Cloud

War Fatigue

Two years ago in 2022 we set up this display as a response to the attack on Ukraine. Around the world in the last few days people have been remembering that the conflict continues. Every year Christians start a journey through Lent. Knowing that Easter Sunday is coming we can voluntarily enter the ‘wilderness’. […]

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Forest Church Special

We went out to Elshieshields for some stargazing last weekend. We enjoyed a combination of looking at stars, reflecting on ancient meanings, and learning with modern technology. We were made welcome with a warm bothy where we could gather for refreshment. The evening was overcast, but we were able to see the moon and Jupiter […]


Silent Prayer, Elshieshields

If you liked the stargazing evening, perhaps this will interest you: The new year is upon us and with it the restart of our programme here at Elshieshields.Silent Prayer is on Saturday 6 January, as usual, 9.30 to 10.30. It will be lovely to see those of you who can make it. It is a […]

#SensingSpirituality Arts

Pancake party!

Mostly a chance to get together, but there will also be ways to artisticly respond to the season. Please contact us if you need directions.