Faith and the Vikings

It is the summer season, and a time for travelling. Whilst you might see less of the “Viking” members of Quartz in Dumfries over the summer, they are active around the isles and further abroad.

The BBC recently interviewed Simon about. his faith and re-enactment. You can watch the whole episode on i-player

(BBC1 UK, but not BBC1 Scotland).

You may recognise some faces bringing history to life! Simon was there as a volunteer with “Galloway Longfhada” the South West Scotland branch of “The Vikings”.

This is an historical charitable organisation which educates people about life in the Viking era (around 1000 years ago). It is an inclusive organisation which welcomes people of all faiths and none. Where people who have a love for historical research, archaeology, theatre, and crafts get together and support each other.

During the day they will do their best to communicate their passion to the public, and in the evening they will tell stories around campfires discussing grand themes or simply having a laugh together.

Galloway Longfhada will be participating in the “Medieval Bruce” festivities in Dumfries on Sunday the 14th of July in Castledykes park. Come and meet them!

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