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Star searching

We left the house and went searching for a star. It’s so overcast that we couldn’t see geese overhead (though we heard them), let alone the conjunction of Jupter and Saturn. We didn’t see the star. However, in our journeying we discovered many interesting things while we journeyed. It was also just good to get […]

Thought of the Day


New lighting has been installed in the St Johns building. Pews have been blocked off to ensure safer distancing. It’s strange to be indoors with others on a Sunday, rather than in my wee room and connected worldwide… Although for many years things like facing east have drawn attention to the connection between the saint […]

Mission Thought of the Day

Learning to love

“Raising kids during climate catastrophe” (a point of view from the USA) How can something as simple as lighting a candle move you from one ‘bubble’ of normal into another? Well, it takes time, but our hearts will learn to lie where we spend our time – whether that’s in a building we say is […]

2ndSunday Creative Worship

December 2nd Sunday Liturgy

Welcome to the 2nd Sunday creative worship service in December. It’s the 3rd Sunday in Advent! Pink Candles, St Lucia and much more! Whether you are avoiding #Whamageddon or are a #Whamhunter please join us in taking some time out to use this at your convenience or meet us online at 3.(No in person meeting today) […]

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2nd Sunday in December

Creative Worship for the 3rd Sunday in Advent (the 13th of December) Firstly, my appologies if you thought this was happening this weekend. A bit of a calendar clash – 2nd Sunday in December is the 3rd in Advent. Psalm 126 or Lk 1: 46b-55 The texts linked to above are taken from the readings […]