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Lock down forced a lot of people to spend more time with a few people in a small physical area. It also expanded the daily lives to catch up with old friends who are geographically distant (for those of us connected online at least). Another recent experience is the growth of staycationing, slow tourism, and […]

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Invisible Church

Speaking truth to power. An economy based on the well being of people and environment, rather than GDP. Supporting creative flourishing as a basic human capacity and need. Are you drawn towards these things? Set aside some time to reflect on them in this talk. The new testament collection of books is a record of […]

Forest Church

Sunday Afternoon

Forest Church on Sunday afternoon in September. The theme that resonated most this month was enjoying each others company. We have met in the Crichton estate each month for a year now, and although there are always new things arriving and plenty more to find, it is feeling a bit like home. Our forest church […]

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Hildegard Von Bingen

German visionary, theologian, composer and naturalist. Remembered on Saturday the 17th of September, walked this earth till 1179AD. Many people will be aware of the date ‘1066’ and the battle of Hastings. It probably feels like a distant, far off and alien place. But in that year, people were born, they harvested crops, baked bread […]

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Quartz Forest Church

1pm on Sunday the 18th of September We are meeting up again on the 3rd Sunday in the month as we have been for around a year. During this time we have seen the seasons change and have fulfilled our aim of getting to know the environment of the Crichton. We are meeting slightly earlier […]

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I’m just back from spending most of a weekend in the woods (Barrhill woodland Festival 2022) with the Cluaran part of Wordsmith Crafts. We created a “Land of Legends” where people could listen to epic stories, learn to braid cord friendship bracelets, and test their skills with ancient games. This was part of a wider […]

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August Quartz FC

Our reading through words for this week was psalm 19 We also read about Jesus healing a woman on the Sabbath. This led us on a wandering afternoon. We were looking for signs of abundance and harvest. We were also trying to be aware of factors which could prevent us from seeing abundance and harvest, […]