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I met Diana Greenfield over 10 years ago, at a conference where I first learned about the “Forest Church” name. It was a delight to hear this interview with her, and so here is the opportunity for you to listen as well. She is building the Church creatively and holding spaces open for discussions.

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Where do you find value and joy in life? Christians sometimes talk of being “born again” or “Metanoia” moments. The examples used of this are often ones where a persons life is caught up in extreme behaviour. It was, however, when someone so concerned about preserving his good reputation that he chose to visit Jesus […]

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Easter 2024

Quartz Holy Saturday Pilgrimage and Easter Sunday Forest Church BBQ (30th and 31st of March) Holy Saturday On Saturday the 30th we are planning a pilgrimage. We will gather outside St Johns building and then travel to Lincluden Abbey. After a pause for reflection there we will continue on, and thousands of years back in […]

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Psalter of the Birds

Here is a discussion about a new book by Author Justin Coutts on YouTube:. The conversation ranges from poetry which was composed in late antiquity to current mysticism online. So take a moment to slow down and recreate your mind. It is described as a collection of historical poetry and other texts from Ireland, Wales, […]

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Symbolist Art

Paint what you can to see what you can’t The word used to describe artists like Mucha takes its meaning from broken pottery! In Ancient Greece a treaty could be recorded using pottery. Each city state held a broken fragment of the whole. If you have ever tried to glue a mug back together you […]

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Selected by human rather than algorithm, here is a memory of what was going on in Quartz three or four years ago! I wonder what is quietly germinating in the ground this winter ready to burst out in the next three of four years!

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Christmas Light

Follow this link to find out more! As Christmas approaches Christians are thinking about the light of Jesus coming into the world. All over the world we will be spending time becoming aware of ways in which this light makes the world a better place to live in. We invite you join us in this […]

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It makes me smile when I think that one of the things which early Christians in these isles are remembered for is illuminated manuscripts. The grin gets broader when I compare the ready appreciation of this art with the slowness with which “youthwork for adults” has been accepted in many worshiping communities. The Manga gospels […]

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Forest Lanterns

On Sunday the 30th of October 2022 at 6pm we will be gathering in St John’s church building. The clocks will be changing to mark the end of British Summer time. The Nights are getting longer and darker, and the trees are drawing into themselves, letting go of their fruit and leaves. Seeds are buried […]

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Hildegard Von Bingen

German visionary, theologian, composer and naturalist. Remembered on Saturday the 17th of September, walked this earth till 1179AD. Many people will be aware of the date ‘1066’ and the battle of Hastings. It probably feels like a distant, far off and alien place. But in that year, people were born, they harvested crops, baked bread […]