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Quantum of Solace

There is a story told of an estate owner. He managed his land by letting it out to tenants. Each one held a plot, and they had freedom to develop it as they saw fit. The story doesn’t say how much help each of them got in establishing themselves, but other stories let us assume […]

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Angels assemble

It’s the week before Christmas and the canopy of Angels is almost complete. I’m writing on the sunny side of the solstice having just installed many Angels made at Dumfries High School. This has been a collaborative work! We have had angles made in pubs and cafes. Angels sent in by post and online. Angles […]

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Canopy of Angels Update

This video clip has been made for the Sunday before Christmas. The canopy is almost complete – and just waits for a star to appear for Christmas day. Angels have been contributed by individuals and groups throughout Dumfries, as well as the community of St John’s. They have been folded in homes, cafes, coffee shops […]


Tower of Light

This Sunday (the 19th of December) we have our monthly Forest Church meeting the Stove are creating an interesting installation called The Tower of Light This seemed like just the sort of event that could be a shared spiritual space. It explores themes of light and darkeness that are core to the Christmas story. […]

Forest Church

Sunday the 19th of December

Last Quartz Forest Church (of 2021) We are back again in January! We will meet again outside the front door of Crichton church for a 2pm start, (The Crichton, Dumfries DG1 4ZZ) Find it on google maps Please dress for the weather, and don’t rely on there being any indoor (or any other) facilities available. Once […]

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Christian Animism

Interested? there is an online discussion on this website: The discussion group is an opportunity to take part in a discussion with Neo Pagan friends of Christian Anamists. You could also book below.

Creative Worship


This Angel flew in from Fife. You can take part in the #canopyofangels by sending folded paper to St Johns, in person when the building is open, or online…

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St John’s Canopies Pt.3

This year, we are folding Angels. Angels are often described as messengers of God. In Nativity plays children will dress up as Angels and sing songs of good news. They will represent a message of peace and hope. For some, this will be enough. For others there is a need to think more deeply about […]

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St John’s Canopies pt. 2

On several occasions we have used stars. This post combines work from several installations and settings. We adapted our approach for each setting to work appropriately with the setting. In a general sense we used the craft of making paper stars as a way to help participants reflect on “Wishes” and work out which of […]