Angel Cloud

Like many people we are outraged by the war in the Ukraine. As a response we set up a cloud of Angels in a window in Dumfries High Street, hosted by the Mid Steeple Quarter Project.

The Display is over now, but many of the issues remain in our minds and prayers, so this page is still in place.

The cloud of Angels

How can we respond?

with practical help of course.

But as Artists we create.

These Angels are placed here to recognise all the souls caught up in the chaos of war, and as a prayer for peace.

It is a symbol to do something with the frustration we felt as a community and within the wider community.

We will posted photos on social media so that those directly involved can hopefully see, and know that there are people in Dumfries who are thinking about them.

If it would help you turn your anger, frustration, or feelings of powerlessness into a practical act of making- please fold an angel although it will not be added physically to the installation any more. Here is a video about how to fold Angels

This artwork was there to help us move beyond the feelings that can overwhelm us and make a positive action, even if it is a small one.

Further information and activities

    And because it is always good to be prepared – What options are there, other than armed response, in the face of international violence?

    A 2015 article International Centre on Non Violent Conflict

    Peace and Non violence in the Quaker tradition at and you can read updates from Kyiv on facebook here

    Some of the team.
    On the high street.