Easter 2023

We started before Lent with an (international) Pancake party

During Lent we are tinkering about transformation

On Easter weekend Quartz will be running two activities:

Easter Saturday Whithorn Pilgrimage

Get in touch to take part RSVP

Easter Sunday Picnic

Meet outside St Johns Dumfries at 1pm to walk along the river #SensingSpirituality or from 1.30 on the beach near Nunholm. RSVP if you would like updates sent to you, otherwise just turn up outside St John’s for the walk or we will meet you on the beach.

In more detail….

Pilrimage to St Ninians cave

(Sat 8th of April)

Some of the earliest evidence of Christianity in the British Isles is carved into stone in South West Scotland, the Rhins of Galloway and Whithorn. This was the British heartland where Christianity continued, connected with Ireland, and Africa while the roman empire crumbled and the heathen English gained control in what became known as the lost lands of Lloegr

St Ninian is one of the shining lights from before this era. Long before Bede wrote the ecclesiastical history of the English people, a church linked by the sea to Rome and Africa flourished in the Irish sea region. This growth has left archaeological evidence only recently discovered. Names of places such as Portmahomack can now be added to the more popularly known list of Whithorn, Kildare, Iona, Kells, and Lindisfarne.

Following in the footsteps of ancient pilgrims we will travel to the town of Whithorn where the Whithorn Trust have a place to stop for a coffee and to learn about the story. After lunch we will then visit St Ninians cave. This is a short drive then a beautiful walk through woodland, and then along a stony beach. It is possible that the cave itself will be inaccessible, but we will be able to sit on the beach and look out to sea and imagine.

more details and timings, click here

Easter Sunday Forest Church Meetup.

(Sun 9th of April)

If you want to take part in a  #SensingSpirituality  we will gather ready to walk by 1pm outside St Johns church on lovers walk.

Alternatively you can drive to Nunholm car park and meetup from 1.30 for a bring and share BBQ on the beach across the river from Lincluden Abbey.

We will gather to eat together, tell stories, and sing songs about Easter.

Please dress for the weather! Bring food and drink to BBQ and to share.


Please download, print, share and use these pictures!