Quartz Activities Winter 23

Christmas tree for St Johns Festival

We wil submit a Christmas tree installation to the Christmas tree festive. We will use the tree to hold a microcosm of Quartz activity. This will include things which draw peoples attention to the tree and the beauty of the tree itself.

Influenced by artful migration upland exhibition (https://www.weareupland.com/events/much-ado-about-nightjars )


For Christmas 2023 we are laying the foundations for exploring art and mission/religious art in Dumfries.

We have talked to the salvation army about a decoration/installation in their town centre shop front window. The theme being angels.

This will have a live component where we have a presence and ask people to tell us their angel experiences, or answer the question “What would you ask your angel?” Online form asking same questions. More details can be found here.

Epiphany Forest Church

Themes to include – Revealed truth, what can we learn from those outside our group, puzzles across town and in St Johns to solve use QR codes, to augment reality. Link this with the Angels display. Stars and Magii

Hold an evening at Elsie shields. (subject to Ann)

  • Gather in town 6.30 and drive out.
  • Mark telescope and projector on ceiling.
  • Labyrinth with little lights
  • Well?

Other possible Epiphany things

The usual monthly meeting on Sunday in the Crichton Estate

Art for Missions sake

An ecumenical discussion group based on the Grove book. We would invite other artists from around the town to discuss the ideas that come from reading this pamphlet.