Prayer Activities

Click on the heading to go to a description of these activities. There is also the start of a discussion about their effectiveness and suggestions for variations to inspire your creativity.

Prayer ribbons

Writing down prayers can help a person concentrate on the prayer and avoid being distracted. It can also help a person think through issues that they are praying about and express them in a more focussed way than in an improvised prayer. Writing prayer down on strips of cloth or ribbons can add an extra dimension of symbolism to written prayer….

Performance and Body art

Art involving your body is powerful and immediate, and this can help you learn and communicate in a very personal way…

Group Activities

Thinking about how you can use your body to help you pray on your own is important. When we meet in groups, we interact with each other through our bodies, unless you know any telepaths! This makes it even more important to think about possible ways to facilitate praying together…

Directional Prayer

This is a simple and profound activity you could try at your next prayer meeting, or in your personal prayer. As discussed further in the mapping section, in the Middle Ages, works of art and even maps were often drawn to show the significance of objects to each other, rather than just to depict their physical appearance…