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Quartz uses the arts to help build a language all people can use to explore and express their personal spiritual understanding in the the public life of contemporary Scotland. We are working both within the St John’s community, and the wider community of Dumfries (and online), to build skills in #SensingSpirituality.

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  • Presence
    The Holy Spirit is described as a comforter. This is a short video with a collection of images to remind us of the presence of the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives. These pictures are particularly effective when they pop up on Facebook and other feeds like “The Unvirtuous Abbey” which peppers digital diet with… Read more: Presence
  • QFC May 19.05.24
    After a busy weekend it was a pleasure to slow down and relax in the beautiful environment of the Crichton. This was complemented by refreshments and conversation. We have been exploring the Crichton estate for several years now but every time we return the green, the growth and the subtle changes inspire. Perhaps that is… Read more: QFC May 19.05.24
  • WOW
    Creative Church Building Our gathering on Saturday the 18th was uplifting. Members of St Johns were joined by people from around Dumfries and Galloway. Participants described it as “encouraging”, “insightful”, and are planning events to build up the Body of Christ as we move onwards after Pentecost. This post will have a few images from… Read more: WOW
  • Muddy Church
    Do you get stuck when you try to think of things to do?Fans of Forest Church activities, or simply those who want to “wander and wonder” might find these Muddy Church resources handy. https://www.muddychurch.co.uk/resources They are free at point of access, but please support the artists by using their Ko-Fi link on the page.

For those that want to get deeper – it is also an invitation to explore the diversity of Christian traditions and contemporary practice using contemporary artistic creativity.

Please explore this site to find out more, comment, and get in touch. Join with us in sharing our thoughts and the ways in which we encounter God in everyday life.

More about Quartz…

Quartz is on a perpetual pilgrimage – looking for the face of God in friend and stranger. Receiving what is offered and giving when asked. Some activities take place within the St Johns building, others are located in community settings, or the Wordsmithcrafts Studio.

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Please explore, comment, and get in touch. Join with us in sharing our thoughts and the ways in which we encounter God in everyday life.

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