Theophilus on religious art
Click to read a mediaeval rule for practicing spiritual art.
Christians often get tagged as people defined by a book. Our faith is older and broader than literature though.
Revelation, and relationship with Divinity, is a living, breathing daily practice of #SensingSpirituality.

These pages are a developing resource of practical activities, examples of prayer, and the theology to support it. This includes references to scripture! There is a whole cosmos to explore, religion can help us hold together with integrity but exploring the deep wells of mystery feeds new life throughout the vine.

Art, making the impossible sensible.
Take part in an experiment on Quartz social media by tagging moments to recognise particular sensings associated with them.

For example – seeing in someone in need could be described as #SensingChallenge and recognising the desire to help. When you think about how you will help you may be #SensingValues.

Looking at a sunset, or enjoying an uncommonly good day with friends you may be #SensingAwareness of being part of something bigger which makes you whole.

Recognising the feeling of #SensingOtherness is recognising that humans are more than just the physical five senses, but #SensingMystery usually quickly follows if you try to think about the metaphysics which underlies experiences like Love, Beauty or even a sense of self.

Learning #SensingMeaningfulness would be part of the skill set you’d need to link the many experiences which make us human with the practical day to day needs of getting (home)work done, cooking tea and getting along with the people around you.

Just as there are more than five physical senses, and they all work together, this list is just a start. A beginning of relearning how to speak about spirituality in everyday public life.

The @CyberCuldee twitter feed and Instagram accounts record moments of awareness of one of these sensings. It uses hashtags (#) to make it easier to search for them. The plan is to make what is normally invisible – visible, and to provide an artistic record of spiritual sensation.

Please use the #SensingSpirituality and other hashtags as part of your social media life to join in on this project!

Find out more by downloading the text or exploring online here: Sensing Spirituality Resources