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2nd Sunday in December

Creative Worship for the 3rd Sunday in Advent (the 13th of December)

Firstly, my appologies if you thought this was happening this weekend. A bit of a calendar clash – 2nd Sunday in December is the 3rd in Advent.

Psalm 126 or Lk 1: 46b-55

The texts linked to above are taken from the readings The Scottish Episcopal Church will be exploring as part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Read them in your prefered translation, if you follow the links you can read them in a multitude of translations and paraphrase though. Pray and let the Holy Spirit breathe through the looseness of language. Think critically and check your thoughts with the measuring rods of tradition and reason.

On the 2nd Sunday we will be thinking creatively and taking inspiration from the text to work out some everyday mantras. Short things to mull in your mind while you wait in a queue 2m apart from people. Prayers for putting on your mask. Habit forming phrases to help infuse your life with the flavour of God. Prayers we can work on together that will weave inner and outerwear to build Christlike minds and bodies which are ready for any apocalypse.

Please use the comments to suggest anything you find in advance. Trawl through your meme stash and see what is fitting to offer.

As usual, the liturgy for the evening will be available online – we will have a zoom link and a chance to meet in person- use the registration form.

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