2021 Review Fresh Expressions report

Establishing new worshipping communites

If St John’s were to send missionaries to New Zealand, would the congregation expect numerical growth within the DG1 building as a result? The geographical distance would be too great.

Would they expect those interested in Christianity to wear British clothes, learn to speak English and adopt the economic models and values of middle class living in the UK? Perhaps, but how would they justify this imposition of cultural expectations in the light of passages such as Galatians 3 (especially vs 28)?

Historically the congregation of St John’s has faced the challenges of cultural and geographical distance within the Dumfries area by establishing new congregations in Maxwelltown and then NW Dumfries. The challenge to go and make disciples of all nations/ethnos has been met by going out and expanding the community, rather than reeling in.

The ideas and activities represented by Quartz have been experimented with in the St John’s context for over 10 years now. This follows on from Project Welcome activity. This report identifies cultures, opportunities and areas of possible growth. It describes shared spaces that have been created within and beyond St John’s. It also explains why this growth should be outside the current building and church culture. The harvest is plentiful, but we need a different methodology. It is time to plant seeds with an expectation of them growing but a willingness to let them sprout but then sink back into the soil and enrich the bio diversity of the area, if that is God’s will.

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