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With “The Eve of the Living Dead” we combined “All souls Eve” with retro film titles, Marigolds, and South American traditions.

We made the tissue paper marigold in cafes around Dumfries, chatting with anyone who was interested, and using this as a discussion point to talk about life and death – as well as how we remember people.

The photo is of the installation we made for an Interweave. We prepared a picnic with the cloud of saints who surround us. The green leaves and marigold flowers shed light into a gloomy area of life.

The events of the evening were enjoyed by young and old. This gave space and time to find out more and explore the symbolism. The installation remained set up for week as a reminder of the changing season.

What types of installation can you imagine?

What inspiration can you find in the current fabric of the building – and how could you help draw peoples attention to it?

What events, activities, or rituals would help communicate the good news we have recieved to both the community of St Johns and the wider community of Dumfries?

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Oh, this looks great, and more important than ever after Covid ! I wonder if it could be done again this year ?

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