A Canopy of Angels

In the run up to Christmas this year we filled the roof of St Johns Church building with a rainbow of angels. This is than just decoration (although we hope it looked as impressive as the stars and flames have done in the past).

Each of the angels marked a moment from the last few years. Participants were invited to take time out to reflect while they folded. They were invited to think about the following questions

  • What has happened that you want to remember?
  • What is the impact on your life now?
  • What do you hope for in the future?

These thoughts were simply folded into the paper. Those that wished were folded as an act of prayer, and some participants wrote and draw on them as well. Each Angel was anonymous in the crowd, but each moment was also carried up with the canopy. Each particular contribution filled the rainbow with light, Love, and colours.

As with previous canopies we have had a variety of contributions, and freestyle angels. As well as the congregation folding hundreds of Angels, we also worked with groups around Dumfries, in cafes and pubs, and online. The project is now in it’s final phase where we are collecting stories of the encounters people had with the canopy. Please get in touch to tell us yours!

[This introduction was edited as the canopy was taken down. The original wording used future tense and was an invitation to participate!]

You can download the instructions we used below the first link is a higher resolution (3Meg) file for printing. The second (marked with the x) is smaller (400kb) if you are worried about your data use.

Here is handy YouTube clip with a way to fold an Angel.

Follow the installation of the Canopy here:

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