Easter 2024

Saturday the 30th of March

Estimated times so that you can join us:

  • 10am St Johns
  • 11.30 arrive Lincluden abbey (1.6 miles)
  • 13.30 arrive 12 Apostles (1.8 miles)
  • 16.00 Back at St Johns (3 miles)

(There are no facilities at any of these destinations, although we will pass shops, pubs, and cafes on our route).

There will be options to walk there and back, or to travel by car. When we meet we can work out lift sharing to make this accessible.

We hope to create a shared space on this walk where people of all faiths and none can meet together to explore the sentiment that humans are more than their physical elements. We practice #SensingSpirituality through our physical senses to explore, understand, and express sensations such as #SensingOtherness#SensingMeaningfulness#SensingAwareness and many more.

Lincluden Abbey

Gather outside St Johns building at 10am and then travel to Lincluden Abbey.

This Gallery is of images from 2017. We won’t have the sensing signs with us this time, but we will pause to practice #SensingSpirituality and reflect on #SensingMeaningfulness aided by information about the history of the place.

The “Abbey” was last inhabited as a house, before that it was a collegiate church (and is still referred to outside the area as that). It was built as a nunnery, and there is possibly a medieval motte guarding the Cluden water where it joins the river Nith.

12 Apostles

After a pause for reflection in Lincluden we will continue on, and thousands of years back in time, to the 12 apostles stone circle.

Our route will take us from a site of mediaeval prestige where a princess was buried, through a community where multiple needs affect those who live there (SIMD Data here) And then out into the countryside and relative affluence again.

This is an opportunity to sense connections with these medieval and ancient stones and the people who placed them. #SensingMeaningfulness

It is an opportunity to take time out and move our bodies so that we can become mindful of where we are and practice #SensingAwareness

Here is some more information, especially for those who will be unable to join us on the day.

Some local info…

On the megalithic portal

On Canmore

Easter Sunday

As has become our habit we will meet up for a Forest Church celebration on the banks of the river Nith.

Please bring what you can share for a BBQ, even if this is simply an appetite.

Join with us for a #SensingSpirituality walk upstream along the river footpath after the 11 O’clock service in St Johns building. Moving our bodies to set our minds in a good place.

Come to the service at 11 ! or meet outside ready to set off by 13.00.

If you are driving, then park in the Nunholm car park and take a short stroll downstream around 13.30. There is a path, but the ground can be uneven. There are no facilities ! and you may want to bring a deck chair.

This is where we will gather:

we share food, fish cooked on the coals and tell stories of the resurrection.

Please download these images to use them online and let people know what is on.