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Artists help us become aware of the invisible reality we live in. This process can be confusing and leave us questioning things we were certain of, it can also reassure those who experience it – leaving them with the thought “Now I see it, I’m glad I’m not the only one!”

#SensingSpirituality is a project which aims to draw out peoples ability to sense this hidden reality. Skills in #SensingMeaningfulness, or #SensingValues can help us recognise patterns and connections that help provide identity. They can help individuals find something in common with others and communities, even when violence in the physical, “Sensible?” experience of reality is ripping things apart.

Just as we highlight five physical senses, but can be aware of many more, we could talk of five spiritual senses as a path to awareness of all that we can inherit as human beings.

The #SensingSpirituality tag contributes to this by marking moments online. When you are posting a photo, liking, or sharing something why not think about the spiritual (in the general sense) character of your action.

Are you #SensingValues, #SensingMeaningfulness, #SensingChallenge, #SensingMystery, #SensingOtherness, or is it a special moment when all your senses are heightened and in #SensingAwareness you become aware of a subtle change in state sometimes described as being “at one” with your environment.

These moments can also be described as “light bulb” moments. The point of this post though is that all these things are happening all the time. We are just unaware of them. Installations like the Angel cloud in Dumfries or the knit bomb bunnet in Oban can encourage us to “see” the invisible.

Taking a day out a week to rest and restore your relationship with this spiritual heritage is a core part of the Christian and many other tradtions. If you are up for it – you could tag your #SensingSpiritualty moment, and turn your scrolling into art – just like you’d use an emoji.

Dumfries and Oban #SensingSpirituality

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