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Practical Help

“I, by my works, will show you my Faith…”

The act of making art can visualise some very complicated emotions. Art in public can be an action that ‘moves’ many people. If you are a dancer, then dancing can be protest as well as performance, and we who are crafters have folded angels.

We can also help in other more direct ways too and here is a list of agencies and individuals who can help get that aid to where it is needed in Ukraine.

MOOL (Massive Outpouring of Love)Things that will be helpful
Station House Cook SchoolHelp someone on the ground help refugees.
Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC)15 UK Charities working together. They can use your donation effectively to help out where it is needed.
Providing foodWorld Central Kitchen
Hostile or hospitable environment?Take action and contact your (UK) MP to make your opinion about refugees known. Info from Refugee Action
Scottish Episcopal Church ResponseFrom the college of bishops
If links are broken or you think something is missing, let us know!

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