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Creative Worship

In the 1980’s and 90’s something called “Alternative Worship” emerged. What happened, where did the explosion of creative energy lead, how many of the communities are still recognisable and what are the people who were involved doing now?

As a start, here are some links to introduce readers who may be unfamilar with the concept. These are pretty much just a scattering of what I found quickly, there is a lot more from the UK and worldwide.

“God in the House”

A 1996 TV series filmed some of these services in operation. It was in 1996, and even then the introduction made me cringe. However after a year of lockdown and two seasons with the likelyhood of no festivals the atmosphere looks particularly appealing. This was in an era of slide projectors and VHS and while the internet was running on dial up …

“God in the House” on IMDB

An episode featuring the “Late Late Service Community” in Glasgow who I worshipped with for a while until I moved East to St Andrews.

Another one of the episodes, featuring “Grace”

The Wikipedia entry

Alternative Worship

“Grace” – as it is at the moment

Their website


Small Fire

A photo image archive of Alternative Worship services – with links to the contributing groups.

Beyond Church

Based in Brighton, ten events a year, including an advent calendar in beech huts. BEYOND is an opportunity for people to explore
spirituality through a variety of creative approaches.

That is all for just now. Please use the comments to add links to any more that you know of.

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