Arts Forest Church Lent 2022

Forest Church, Easter Sunday

This is a bit overdue! Here is a wee film to reflect on from our Easter Sunday Gathering.

Several aspects of the new Wordsmith Crafts C.I.C. overlapped this Easter Sunday.

Quartz was the lead project (#SensingSpirituality). We have been meeting as Forest Church for over a year now.

Cluaran (living breathing heritage) skills were used to tell the story of Jesus meeting his disciples on the beach and eating some fish with them, after he had risen from the dead. There was something special about informally gathering where the water meets the earth, smelling the fire, eating the food together, and retelling the old stories.

The Studio (Heritage crafts) held all the equipment and skills we needed to make it happen. Look out for more interesting things this year – although we need a dedicated film crew to catch all the action!

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