Febreflection Thought of the Day


Telling stories at the start of February, and thinking about the story of St Brigid.

What was the King of Leinster thinking when he was offered the gift of a bride by one of his chieftains? How did he react then she gave away the chieftains sword to a leper in an act of heroic generosity?

Did Brigit consider the option of becoming like Esther and entering the royal court. Using her beauty to serve the kingdom of heaven and look after the poor from within a gilded cage?

Did her generosity, courage, and conviction to ally her life with slaves and outsiders make her too ugly for the Kings taste? Or threaten his confidence in his ability to match her skill and wit if he let her into his court? If someone is willing to pluck out their own eye to demonstrate their commitment to follow Jesus it is difficult to anticipate what they will do if given the keys to your treasure…

And so the phrase which is the featured image for this post becomes my #febreflection . Make of it what you will.

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