Forest Church

Forest Church 16.1.22

The theme for this week is “Known and Unknown”

We will meet outside the Crichton church at 2pm on Sunday the 16th. So that you know what to expect – a rough order of service will probably include:

Meeting in Christ’s name and sharing the peace

We meet in Christs name – whether you consider yourself close friends, or are just curious, all are welcome – we share his peace.

A chant to set our minds

Led by Kate

Reading the book

When reading, please remember the context within which this is written and who it is being written to. Some of the words in this translation are often used quite differently nowadays.

Wisdom Chapter 13

Reading from creation (and responding)-

You might be someone for whom the recognition of beauty is like a flower blossoming in your mind, or someone who seeks it like the dawn breaking on a distant horizon. Or perhaps you find understanding when patterns of words make meaning fall into place in a beautiful harmony. It might simply be that beauty inspires you to make the world a better place.

Whatever the primary way in which you encounter beauty is, once we examine our experience, and recognise it’s reality, then we are better able to recognise the validity of another persons experience. Then, if reassured, we can develop our abilities more broadly to sense genuine spiritual experiences. This may be in a traditional setting, or it might be in an unfamiliar place.

Spend some time looking around the physical environment we live in, and take time out to reflect and become aware of all that you can sense beyond the five physical senses. The world of the knowable and known. You may be able to describe the experience, but it might also be something which is beyond words. That is fine. This could be described as the numinous, the unknowable, or mysterious.

If you would like help in finding words though, this page describes 5 beyond the physical senses. There are many more of course – but it is a start.



We will gather together to discuss our experience of encountering the unknown in, or perhaps through, the known.

Closing Prayer

As Jesus taught us … (The Lords Prayer in the version you find familiar)

An ear worm to accompany the week ahead

Led by Kate

Then for those that can linger

We will head over to the Crichton central cafe for a cup of something warm.

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