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It’s been a busy start to May.

There was a full weekend at Allanton. We were working with Cluaran and many others using heritage crafts, storytelling, and the experience of fire to help people find peace. On the Sunday we prayed for peace worldwide, and joined with people worldwide via the internet.

There was a lot of packing, unpacking, and sorting too, of course.

A wee snapshot! More to follow…

Today I’ve been working on some “Calling Cards” for the St Johns contemporary service. We will be thinking about vocation. This has a specific meaning in the church setting, but is also an experience that shapes human being in general.

Something to keep in your phone case to remind you…

The Quartz Christian Life Community will meet again on Monday evening. So if you found the Lent group helpful this is a chance to continue the habit of meeting together. Everyone is welcome!

Keep an eye out for forest church, the teddy bear festival, and other developments as the summer opens up before us.

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