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Praying for Peace

Forest Church 20/3/2022

It is our custom to meet as Forest Church on the third Sunday in the Month. We have chosen to meet on the Crichton estate for a whole year, so that we can get to know it and experience the changes in the seasons.

However, this particular Sunday we have chosen to accept an invitation to meet at Allanton Peace Sanctuary. They are observing the cycle of seasons in the year as well, with gatherings at the eight traditional points. From the earliest times humans, whether Jewish or the early church, or those who create their own thing from day to day, humans have noticed the change in seasons and chosen to use this to explore spiritual change. Reconnecting with this is a desire we share as Forest Church. We also share a desire for peace and a willingness to pray for it, as well as a belief that prayer changes things.

There will be a blended online and physical component to the day.


 2.50 in Peace Pole Henge

 3.00 people can join in online (e-mail Quartz for the link)

Explanation of what we are doing

We will pray for each continent, then hold a special meditation for Russia and Ukraine, at the Peace Poles for each country, sending our light and love to the  greater pool of consciousness, available to each and every one of us.

Paper Angels:  Simon –  tells the story behind the folding of the The Angel Cloud

Invitation to continue discussion over tea and cake, and folding your own Angel

Simon will invite the Forest Church and anyone else to participate in closing blessing.

You can find Allanton at this address

Allanton Peace Sanctuary
Dumfries, DG2 0RY
Scotland, UK

Go to Google Maps

This post is not the place for detailed discussions about authenticity, dating and etymology – but for those who are interested: Connections between Church “Easter” and “Ostera” can be traced back to Bede in 8th century Northumbria, and like many topics from that era has undergone much new study in the last century, much of which has yet to become common knowledge. There is a brief introduction here, and deeper discussion is available in other places online.

In what ways can we draw on the heritage we have inherited, and use it to create a peaceful future for all?

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