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Quartz Forest Church

1pm on Sunday the 18th of September

We are meeting up again on the 3rd Sunday in the month as we have been for around a year. During this time we have seen the seasons change and have fulfilled our aim of getting to know the environment of the Crichton.

We are meeting slightly earlier this month so that those who wish can also participate in the Allanton Peace Sanctuary peace sanctuary activities. (but not too early, so those that wish to attend the 11 O’clock service in St Johns can do this too!)

This time of year is one where harvest is in full flow. Our apple trees are full of fruit, and the leaves have already fallen where we have harvested plums. There is a time for everything and it is good to pause and recognise the changes.

The Plan

As is our custom we will meet in Christs name and, whether you consider yourself a close friend or are just curious, all are welcome to share his peace.

The reading of words is Luke 16:1-13

The reading from the environment will involve us walking round the grounds, remembering places and activities we have used over the year. If you haven’t been before please browse the Forest Church posts on the blog to get an idea in advance – or turn up and enjoy the introduction.

As a response we will collect a ‘harvest’ of experiences perhaps expressed in words, sketches, rubbings and pictures on smart phones.

Some of these can feed into visual artwork we hope to install in St Johns church building.

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