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Lock down forced a lot of people to spend more time with a few people in a small physical area. It also expanded the daily lives to catch up with old friends who are geographically distant (for those of us connected online at least). Another recent experience is the growth of staycationing, slow tourism, and a move away from one size fits all mass consumption. Is there anything we can learn about the communities and society we live in from all of this?

The image below applies these thoughts to community development. It asks questions about what sort of scale do you think on? How many people should we aim to work with and how long for. How much time and effort would you invest in one person, or a small group of people, and what would that look like?

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I think I’ve learnt from my community art work that small scale is highly significant because it reaches individuals who may never experience what you bring in any other way. Folk often move on unexpectedly and they take a trace of what they experienced to their new place… but the critical mass of what we are doing remains and reforms around the remaining folk. Perhaps we are strengthening the things that remain in our frail world of vulnerable people.

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