4th Sunday in Lent

Please use the link below to join the online meeting. When two or three gather, Jesus is with us. Even though we can’t be in the same room perhaps technology provides a temporary body to bring about the potential within our souls to live in community.

The 4rd Quartz Lent 2021 Sunday discussion group can be joined here:

(From about 2.50pm on Sunday afternoon)

The Teachings of Jesus: 

  • God and Politics – What tax is lawful?
  • The Parable of the Sower – If you have ears, then listen

Jesus reaches out to those in need: 

  • The Possessed – Legion set free
  • The Sinner – The paralised man let down throguh the roof
  • The Fearful – calming the storm
  • The Hungry – feeding the 5000 bread and fish
  • The Thirsty – Wheelie bins of wine

And one of the tunes to reflect on. Why water into wine? What does that tell us about the nature of God?

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