Lent Thought of the Day

Jesus Wept

Two thoughts from Alison arising from the Lent course…

I was struck by the way in which Jesus responsed to the grieving women in the family of Lazerus. He didn’t try to make them look on the bright side. “At least we know that he is happy in heaven now”. He didn’t avoid their raw grief “No! don’t talk to me about people dying!”.

Instead he met with them and wept, how many of his tears were for Lazerus and how many for the loss experienced by Mary and Martha?

The second thought:

We never know when a disaster will lead to better things. However, while you are expereincing a disaster it will always be a disaster.

She also told me about a poem she found helpful around the time of one of those disasters. It is called “One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop and you can read it HERE

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