Palm Sunday

Grove Isle 2015
“Gran Saso”, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

The 6th Sunday in our Lent journey

Last week we spent a while reflecting on passions, and especially Anger, in both the positive and negative ways we experience it. Can it inspire us to speak out on issues which concearn us – like catastrophic climate change? If we are angry out of fear does this lead us to strike out thoughtlessly?

This week has featured:

Jesus meeting Martha and Mary in their sorrow at the death of Lazerus. Fear and anticipation of his own future torture and death. Followed by the increasing hostility toward his lifestyle of associating with sinners and outcasts at the top end of the economic ladder. This, combined with concearn about his uncontrollable popularity that threatened the fragile political status quo and his acceptance of worship poured out from those disdained by respectable folk and his own followers in embarrasing acts of generosity.

In what ways is it possible to challenge those in power without disrespecting authority? What actions speak more strongly than words? Is it possible to inspire parades and mass popular support, without emotional mass hysteria? (which despite the bias in the language, history shows that men are just as susceptible to)

The daily readings can be found by following this link.

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