!st Sunday in Lent

Aye, it is an exclamation mark. This is not a typo.

The Quartz Lent 2021 Sunday discussion group can be joined here

The daily “Knowing Jesus” material and readings have started by exploring the start of the ministry of Jesus.

  • He reveals God to us. – what does that mean?
  • He is in communication with God the Father and the Spirit through Prayer – Self in relationship?
  • His baptism marks a stepping into a time of new activity – Jumping into the river?
  • And when the Holy Spirit leads him into in the wilderness the way he will carry out his mission is tested and refined.

The exclamation mark is usually found at the end of a sentence. It gets called a “Bang” mark by some people though. Perhaps it can transform a whole sentence into the start of something – like a pistol at the start of a race!

Shrove Tuesday (PANCAKES!) is a day of celebration and forgiveness, a party before Lent. We start this 40 day journey knowing that however far or fast we run we have already met the conditions to finish, because they were met before the human race was begun. When we meet on Sunday we can discuss more.

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