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Rethinking how we think…

Jesus talks about being “born again” – but what does that mean, Particularly for those who have grown up in a culturally Christian culture. Have some sympathy for the teachers of the law when he walked the earth, because they most often really couldn’t see what Jesus was on about.

There are some changes which happen at such a deep level they reshape the way we think about our experiences. This can occur in a traumatic experience like happened to Paul on the way to Damascus, or in a flash of inspiration when you are washing the dishes and many things come together to make sense. We are encouraged to become like children though, and to re-learn how to learn.

There is a lot we take for granted, because otherwise how would you find time to live. I encourage you to take a moment now to question your assumptions about what matter is, what souls are, and allow yourself to rethink your relationship with your environment.

One reply on “Greenthinking”

The world is not impersonal but I’m not sure that’s the same as being personal…umless it takes on certain attributes of God’s personhood and thereby becomes personal in more than a metaphorical sense…
Of course, as creator of all, God has put his/her stamp on everything that exists, but does that make it personal in any sense we can understand?

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