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Teddy Bear Festival

Where, when, do you learn emotional truth?

Toys and childhood play help us become the adults who have the luxury of asking such questions. Teddy bears have their own nostalgic niche. The process of experiencing feelings of attachment, separation and developing skills of emotional resilience can developed whether with a bear or a “my little pony” or simply a blanket.

It might be difficult to put into words the significance of your particular childhood toy, but it is likely that someone else has had a similar experience with their childhood toy. #SensingSpirituality is about recognising this, and then learning the words to communicate it. Or, perhaps, the art, craft, action or music to communicate it.

Quartz is installing a labyrinth to provide time for reflection, after all, bears are found in the woods and that’s where Forest Church is heading.

There will be a Teddy Bear festival in St John’s from the 7th to the 9th of July. More details on the St Johns website and the featured image of this post.

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