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Angels assemble

It’s the week before Christmas and the canopy of Angels is almost complete. I’m writing on the sunny side of the solstice having just installed many Angels made at Dumfries High School.

This has been a collaborative work! We have had angles made in pubs and cafes. Angels sent in by post and online. Angles crafted from exquisite origami paper and precious thoughts folded into Angels made from scraps.

All symbols have many meanings. It is as much their vagueness which makes them powerful, as is the particular meaning they carry for a particular person. The rainbow represents hope, inclusive society, beauty seen in nature where sunlight and rain mingle and a link between heaven and earth. I could continue, but as I continued I would move from the public sphere into my personal views and story.

Each Angel has been made by a person folding paper. Some have written their thoughts, hopes, or prayers on the Angels. Others have simply let the folding mark the moment. All these moments have been gathered into one work of art that is bigger than any of us could have managed on our own. All those moments and meanings mingle and are lifted up. Now we can sit back, and become aware of something bigger.

Perhaps when people look at the canopy they will wonder about what each angel could mean for the person who made it? Some will pray, and some won’t. But here is a symbol within which, for this Christmas, we have all met and shared some space.

Hopefully as the sun returns we will soon be able to share physical spaces again! When we do, hopefully we will remember to respect and value each persons particularity, and take time to discover the language that let’s us live diverse lives in unity. A glorious rainbow of life.

There is still time to get involved and contribute your Angel!

Due to Covid precautions the building is open to walk in less often than usual, but we will arrange some times for people to view the canopy during January. You are, of course, also welcome to the services – details here

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The angels are emissaries of hope for better times when we can joyfully and safely intermingle and express our different colours in a creative rainbow of life. I’m looking forward to that time.

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