Angel Cloud


A longer post today, inspired by thoughts of war which once again fill my social media feed, and mind.

…When I tell the story of Ragnarock I grieve. It follows Loki telling too much truth, harshly. It is the breaking of oaths, conflict between those who should be family. It is the twighlight that follows from the grinding down of hope and loss of integrity. The cause

… Love of gold? Warped erotic desire for power over others?

An apple which should be the sweet kiss of summer, but poisoned with cyanide?

But as I hang my mind on the world tree and prepare to travel, I follow the path of my great hero. Who, disrobing, stepped up upon the rood. Commanding it not to bend. There the work planted in the womb of time was brought to fruition. Struck down to rise up stronger than imaginable. A light in dark places and the opening of  a Way that can transform.

A light which helps us see who we are and where we are going. For some this will appear to come from outside them, other will find it within. What is important is that when you ‘look’, you are able to see. When you can see, you can act.

So I pray for peace, and for all those caught up in the horror of war. May we all see truly, find release from that which binds us, and eat apples which bring life beyond death.

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