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I can scarcely imagine what it must be like to have your country invaded and your home subjected to rocket attacks. How can you work when it is too dangerous to leave your house? How can you buy food when you can’t work?

I will have sat round a campfire, after a days work, singing songs and telling stories with some of these people. Outside the international market season we use the internet to keep in touch, and our community spans many land masses and language groups. Now some of them are selling digital downloads since they can’t make or export the things they make. Some have posted other ways people can show their support. Some are simply venting outrage. Others have posted that they will continue to stand their ground and continue to fulfil their orders.

With the help of artists in Kyiv I present this list of artists and traders, especially in the re-enactment community. Perhaps it is a way you can help, despite the state sponsored violence. Obviously, there are many things that could go wrong with any purchases you make, but I like the idea that new technology could beat barriers that break up communities.

Is continuing to make, and to shop, a non violent act of defiance? What about maintaining communication despite attempts to isolate people?

You could send messages to these shop owners and communicate until the networks go down, or data wall is built up.

This list will grow as I discover more.

Not all of the makers have been able to set up digital downloads, and in a war like this where the boundaries between civilian and soldier are not respected then no transactions are guaranteed.


Fern ceramics*

Falcon house Jewellery



Historic Textile


Pagan store*









Berloga workshop*


Ursula Jewelley

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