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A way to encourage creativity in people is to create an environment where it is normal to express yourself creatively. This might seem like a simple statement, but how many people stop making art after bad experiences in childhood, or as adults don’t feel that their creativity is worthy to contribute to a worship environment?

Everything that exists has been created and is sustained through Jesus, if we are to develop Christlike minds creativity is core. Our church community should be leading the way in encouraging this, and there are many ways in which Christians and congregations do so.

Our experiments with meeting as Forest Church began with walks through Dumfries town, both exploring the wild growth that always finds a way (sometimes despite our best efforts to eliminate it) and also how we as humans and part of creation flourish when we creatively build.

How can we shape our physical and social environments to support people expressing themselves with creativity, co-creating with the comforter?

Art on tour

How long does it take before a new picture, or an ornament, that you acquire because it delights you, disappears from your awareness?

As Quartz we use visual arts to help sense, explore, and express spirituality in daily life. This mans that those involved leave a trail of creative work. Some of this is of personal significance, and some is made using temporary materials that have been chosen so that the work will transform back into the environment.

However, some works of art are both durable and of general interest. These are the sorts of things that can be hung in homes, houses, Church buildings, or galleries.

These are often sold privately and this provides an income for the creators. Others are commissioned and the ownership is shared by a community. In both cases the owners often want the art to be experienced by other people.

Do you know of any venues who would like to host a work of art?


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