Many examples of flow at forest church on Sunday! We met as usual, and after catching up, sharing Christ’s Peace and reading from the gospel, we settled down to make string.

Nettle string

Grasping the nettles firmly we drew off the stinging bits. Flattening and scraping off the core, we found the long fibres which can be used to spin for cloth or twist into ropes. This is a task which absorbs you attention, but also allows your mind to wander.

We plant seeds of creativity, but sometimes it is in activities like this that they begin to grow and flourish. It might look like creativity comes from nowhere, but just like planting wheat and watching it grow there is always a lot going on to shape the environment.

Kate’s favourite tree is now the site of a dispersed forest memorial stone

And we were not bound by geography! We were joined as usual by those who couldn’t get there in person. Here are some of the photos sent in.

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