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As often happens, an idea for a Christmas installation came from a magazine picture and a chat over coffee.

The idea is to use ‘light’ as a theme this Christmas. Of course, a beam of light is invisible. Light helps us see things, so in order to see light we put things where they will catch and reflect it.

We could use the old chandelier hooks our canopies have been suspended from, or we could concentrate on one big statement piece above the nave alter.

Whatever our final collaberative piece looks like, perhaps over the summer while the sun is high and warm, we can ‘collect’ it’s rays. Don’t forget the beauty of the moon as well!

Experiments inspired from things like the glint on rippling water, or fresh green leaves soaking up sunlight, can be combined into pendant chandeliers or lanterns. Then when the nights are longest in winter, we can look at the artwork and remember the joy and warmth of summer.

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