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Help needed!

This Sunday, the 22nd of May, we will be ‘refurbishing’ some fig trees.

Not actual trees, they have their own built in regenerative processes. These are trees that were made for the All Age/informal service back when it used to meet in the hall. They were used to create a ‘grove’ meditative space on good friday as well.

Now they are being refurbished to help create a forest labyrinth for “Bearfest”. As part of the Quartz contribution, we will be bringing a taster of what we do outdoors into the St Johns building. Visitors will be guided to encounter the wild – where bears still live – and reflect on their relationship with it.

All materials and instructions will be provided. This is a meditative activity, thinking about all the good things trees give us.

For contemplative inspiration you could read “The king of the trees”

To understand the extract in context as a warning to those who choose less than adequate leaders without thinking through the consequences read the whole story in Judges!

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