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Folding a prayer

 If anyone else is stuck with their mind frozen trying to make sense of the war – Here are some steps based on how being involved in this installation helped me.

Step 1

Is recognising all the souls caught up in this – however they got there.

Step 2

Is recognising the outrage you may feel that this is taking place. Or perhaps the courage shown in a story, or the horror in something you have seen.

Step 3

Is to fold, and while you fold be mindful of what is happening.

Some, like me, might choose to carry the emotions to God in prayer, to ask why? Or to ask the Holy Spirit to hover round their souls. Or use written prayers or speak as inspired. I know others will have their own ways, and for some even the thought of religion will be a distraction. These steps are an offering from my art, not instructions I’m trying to impose.

Hopefully the installation communicates and is accessible to most people with integrity, whatever their politics or beliefs.

Step 4

Having taken time out to reflect, hopefully you will be in a better place to choose how to act positively, or refrain from reacting negatively. The folded Angels are a visualisation of the process.

Repeat as required…Please copy the idea if you are inspired, send angels to add to our installation if that will help you. Talk to those you trust, and help each other by listening. Look out for other artistic responses…

View A cloud of Angels Installation

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