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St John’s Canopies

We are folding a Canopy of Angels this Christmas. We are doing this to invite people to mark moments from the past couple of years, and to mark this moment in time entering Christmas 2021. All are welcome to join in, and by working together our personal thoughts can be carried up as part of something bigger.

This has a myriad of meanings for Christians, but is also something we can join in with the wider community in doing. The building can be used to help carry everyone’s thoughts and form a whole community art installation. Who knows what it will look like? We have an idea, but this is a collaborative project that will be shaped by everyone who gets involved.

To help give an idea of what it might look like, ands how what we can do if we work together, we are posting some of the ways we have used the canopy idea in St Johns and working with other groups in the past. The first is “The Canopy of Flames” in 2015

The Pentecost “Canopy of Flames” was our first experiment. People wrote their passions on flame coloured ribbons. The flames were lowered as the congregation took communion together. It (and other uses of fire by Quartz) even features in this Phd thesis by Rebekah Dyer of St Andrews University.

We worked with St Ninians Primary School to help the pupils reflect on how they could express their passions, or things that made them feel good about being alive, using words and art.

The flames were woven into a banner at a later “Interweave” event

And here is a gallery of images

  • Does anything strike you when you see the photos?
  • Are you reminded of anything?
  • What are you inspired to do?

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