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The Return of Interweave

Not a new technique for ironing hems in place!

This will be a creative worship event in St Johns exploring Candlemas and symbols. Not sure what Candlemas is or what will this event will look like?

No bother. More information will follow as we work it out. It is likely to involve things like candlemaking, and exploration of ritual to bring light into your life. There will be opportunities to use your head to think and discuss complex issues, as well as to explore with your heart and your hands to work things out as you go. #SensingSpirituality will flow through the evening as we use visual arts, music and draw on the tradition we have received to make things new.

This event will happen on Sunday evening in the St Johns building, the Fifth Sunday in January, which is the 30th. Hopefully it will help you get through the last few months of winter…

To give you an idea of what this means, here is the way we adapted the “sending out” to encourage people to go in peace at a similar event in 2010

And here is an overview of some of the content and planning.

Return of The King 2010 interweave

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