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COP 26 Prayer Boats

Join in and set sail for climate Justice

News Sent in By Lizzie,

Some of us are meeting up on Monday morning to help each other explore prayer as a community. Lizzie has suggested that we make some boats! Not just in case the sea levels rise, but because politicians are meeting in Glasgow to discuss what can be done about the rise in sea levels that are happening.

Whatever your stance on this issue, we can all pray for politicians, and hopefully the action of sending a fleet of boats will be a fun way raise awareness of the very serious issues involved.

More information here:

Download the activity pack and get involved (online as well as physical)

Look at the fleet already assembled, and contribute a photo of your boat here

Want to get more involved? We are working out a plan for something on the afternoon of October the 31st. Leave a comment or get in touch.

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