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CLC week 3

We will meet again in St Johns on Monday the 4th of October for 7.30 pm

If you know anyone who would be interested in exploring the idea of a Christian Life Community (CLC) please invite them to the next meeting.

We decided to continue to experiment with the “Lectio Divina” technique combined with keeping a journal, and then discuss the experience when we meet up. Again we chose to focus on the Gospel reading (in the S.E.C. lectionary) for the Sunday before we meet: Mark 10:2 – 16

This is both to link in with the life of the wider St Johns community, and also because even if someone gets to the day before we meet without managing to contemplate the passage – there is still the opportunity to do a crash encounter at a St Johns Sunday service in person or online.

Of course, meeting up to support each other in developing our prayer lives is the important thing – please don’t think of it as homework! Whether you consider yourself to be well prepared or just lucky to manage to turn up online for the opportunity to support each other.The zoom link is set up and ready for people to join online. Philip is unable to be there in person this week, but will be there on zoom and is leading the evening.Click to join at 7.30pm (links to zoom)Please use the button above to join with Zoom, or the following information:Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 823 8007 8184
Passcode: Illuminate

NB – COP26 is happening soon. We will make some prayer boats to send our prayers to those meeting in Glasgow. (So if you are meeting online have some A5 paper to hand).

More info on this post COP 26 Prayer Boats

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